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24 March 2020      |     Author Stela Colun

Dear Partners,


Considering the evolution of the international epidemiological situation determined by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, according to the Decree of the President of Romania no. 195/2020, a state of emergency was established in the territory of Romania for a duration of 30 days, respectively 16 March – 14 April 2020.


I present you in this newsletter information on economic and fiscal-budgetary measures regulated in this respect pursuant to the Government Emergency Ordinances no. 29/2020 and no. 30/2020.

The newsletter enclosed comprised the news in detail

ColunTax-Newsletter-Economic and fiscal measures-24.03.2020




  • Unemployment allowance. During the period of state of emergency, for the period of temporary suspension of the individual employment contract, at the initiative of the employer, as a result of the effects produced by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the allowances that the employees receive are set at 75% of the basic salary corresponding to the occupied place of work and is supported from the unemployment insurance budget, but not more than 75% of the average gross gain in 2020: 5.429 lei.

Thus, the unemployment allowance cannot exceed 4,072 lei (5,429 lei x 75%).


  • Social health insurance holidays and allowances


  • Persons insured for sick leave and social insurance benefits are entitled to holiday and allowance for temporary incapacity for work, without fulfilling the condition of insurance period, in the case of medical-surgical emergencies, tuberculosis, infectious diseases of group A, neoplasms and AIDS.
  • To prevent illnesses, persons insured for holidays and health insurance benefits have the right to holiday and allowance for quarantine, without fulfilling the condition regarding the insurance period.


  • In 2020, the payment deadline of 31 March 2020 for the building tax, the land tax and the tax on means of transport, is extended until 30 June 2020 inclusive. Until the first payment deadline of the building tax – 30 June 2020, taxpayers shall submit the valuation reports of buildings in case of taxpayers that perform valuation of buildings.


  • For tax obligations due starting 21 March 2020 and not paid until 14 May 2020, interest and late payment penalties are not calculated.
  • During the period 21 March – 14 May 2020, the measures of forced execution by seizure of budgetary debts are suspended or not started, except for the forced executions that are applied for the recovery of the budgetary debts established by judicial decisions given in criminal matters.


  • Taxpayers applying the annual profit tax with quarterly advance payments, can make quarterly advance payments for 2020, at the level of the current quarterly profit tax amount. The calculation method is maintained for all quarters of fiscal year 2020.


  • During the state of emergency, small and medium-sized enterprises, which have discontinued their activity in whole or in part based on the decisions issued by the competent public authorities during the state of emergency and who hold the emergency situation certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and the Business Environment, benefits from the deferred payment for the utilities services, as well as the deferred payment of the rent for the building destined for corporate headquarters and secondary offices.


From these provisions also benefit:

  • Professions that perform services of public interest.
  • Family doctors’ offices and the dental offices in which operate, in any form, at most 20 people.
  • National sports federations and sports clubs.


  • The deadline for submitting the declaration regarding the real beneficiary is extended by 3 months from the date of cessation of the state of emergency, and during the state of emergency the submission of this declaration is suspended.


Best regards,

Stela Colun PhD

Tax Adviser

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