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What we do

Our tax advisory services are addressed to international companies investing in Romania, Romanian established companies, expatriates working in Romania and to any person who needs our tax advice.


We make it a point to treat our Clients as equal business partners working together to find practical solutions to their business operations, not just abstract solutions that only look attractive on paper.


Our advisory is personalised for each Client, based on its specific needs. We help Clients to navigate through the complicated tax jungle-type legislation by applying straight thinking and avoiding professional jargon.


The consultancy services offered to our clients are in form of help – desk services, performance of seminars on tax issues prepared based on the specific transactions of the client, preparation of opinions regarding tax and accounting issues, etc.

Services offered

Monthly Help desk

The client chooses a number of subscription hours, within which we answer tax questions triggered by its day-to-day business


General Tax Advisory Services

We can also work with our clients for specific tax projects


Tax Reviews

We perform tax due diligences, tax reviews and certification of tax returns


Tax Assistance

We perform tax registrations (e.g. VAT registrations) and tax compliance